Living Word Outreach Ministries is a Pentecostal charismatic ministry and a member of the VPE (association of Pentecostal churches) in the Netherlands.

We the members of the Living Word Outreach Ministries assert that the Lord Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit, has charged us to preach and teach the unadulterated word of God with a special emphasis on Evangelism, the baptism with the Holy Spirit and building the Christian character; and to build up his church as the Lord directs in preparation for his second coming and the global spreading of the liberating gospel.

Therefore, with faith in God, in unity of faith and purpose we strive to attain and perpetuate the ideals for which the Living Word Outreach Ministries stand and have determined to attain the highest excellence in these endeavours.

Join us every Sunday from 09. 30 – 12.30